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Connecting everyone and everywhere with wide range of wireless communication systems from 230MHz to 70GHz, licensed and unlicensed radio frequency to inside building, urban, rural and coastal waters area.
Smart Tracking Antenna System (STAS)

STAS provides reliable and secure broadband radio link performance to ships at coastal waters. It is built to wok with either a cellular network (2G, 3G or 4G), TVWS, WiFi or WiMax type of wireless communication system. 


STAS works automatically in pointing/tracking to the donor base station site and overcomes the pitching and rolling effect caused by the water waves. 


STAS improves the network connectivity by more than 70% when compared to traditional method. It provides good alternative to satellite communication system and helps to save expensive OPEX.


STAS is used by customers such as mobile phone operator, port operator, vessel owner and offshore oil rig owner... etc.


White Repeater


White Repeater is a frequency shifting repeater that converts 3G signal into TVWS channel (400MHz to 700MHz) as the carrier frequency across the medium. It then translates vice versu at the remote unit from TVWS channel to 3G signal inorder to provide network coverage to the mobile device.


White Repeater provides coverage extension that no cellular network can reach. TVWS channel travels farther in distance and penerates more walls. It provides better network quality as the donor cell signal quality is usually clean and dominant.


White Repeater is deployed at home, office and shopping mall... etc. to provide seamless 3G cellular network coverage enhancement.

Managed WLAN for Seamless, Resilience & Secure WiFi Coverage



Managed WLAN can be configured using centralized Access Controller or running on Cloud Service to provide scalable, flexible and reliable WiFi network.


The built-in state-of-the-art AirControl wireless management suite enables superior WiFi network performance in meeting customer satisfaction with seamless roaming and high data throughput connectivity.


Managed WLAN is used for many vertical markets such as hospitality, shopping mall, office builing, airport and exhibition hall... etc.

Repeater/In-line Booster (BDA)


BDA is fed with donor cell's signal over-the-air or in-line inorder to amplify the signal to provide extended RF coverage.


BDA is built as single band or multi-bands for cellular network such as GSM/CDMA/DCS/PCN/3G-WCDMA and 4G-LTE.


Optical BDA is unqiue being able to translate the RF signal into light signal to provide very large cellular network coverage via the optical fiber cable.


BDA is commonly used by mobile network operator to improve their coverage in a technical effective and cost efficient manner.  



Fixed-to-Wireless Communication System (Fixed-Wireless)


Fixed-Wireless connects voice, data and video communication using UHF, ISM band, E-band and microwave band frequency in a point-to-point and/or point-to-mulit-point network topology. It is able to provide data rate of up to 300 mbps and up to 30 km over near line-of-sight (NLOS) or line-of-sight (LOS) radio path.


Fixed-Wireless is an alternative to providing a fixed line backhaul transmission to solve site constrains, implementation difficulties and having cost savings.

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