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A young and fast growing system integration company based in Singapore. Established in 2012, we launched our unique product to the world, land based Maritime Wireless Broadband Access Solution for coastal waters with one of the largest mobile operator in Singapore. We continue our success with wider range of wireless communication systems in the licensed & unlicensed bands and from in-building coverage, urban to rural connectivity. AiReachNet offers products, consultancy, engineering services, project management, implementation, testing, optimization and after sales support.
Our associated company, ZDW, strengthen our product offer and realize full market potential of an end-to-end wireless communication solution to our customer in a technical effective and cost efficient manner.
ZDW Systems Pte Ltd
Shenzhen ZhongDaWei Tech Co., Ltd.
Zhong Da Wei (“ZDW”) is a technical oriented company that designs and provides wireless coverage enhancement products for cellular network. Shenzhen ZhongDaWei Technologies Co., Ltd. is based in ShenZhen, China where it operates and manufactures. Whereas in Singapore, it develops new and cutting edge product and responsible for sales & marketing outside China region. ZDW's main stream of products are multi-band lift repeater, multi-band inline booster, multi-band fiber optic booster and LTE repeater ...etc. Our in-house design and contract manufactured products help mobile operators to seamlessly improve and expand existing networks economically.


“We're enthisiastic and take pride in our offers. We look forward to meeting you and your team and helping you to wirelessly get connected - and start communicating! So what are you waiting for, let's meet" 

Charlie Khoo, Director

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