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Wireless   Connectivity


​How wireless communication systems work and useful to your business? Need some help making it work for you? We are the experts at enabling wireless connectivity for business improvement. We  look forward to increase your operations with our know-how ...


Together we our valued partners, we design, produce, resell and distribute RF equipment ranging from 230MHz to 5.8GHz in the licensed and unlicensed to achieve the correct & useful wireless communication. There is nothing we can't reach over-the-air. That's why we are called Air-Reach-Net ...

Connecting Everyone & Everywhere!

AiReachNet's Vision is to provide innovative communication technologies that "connecting everyone and everywhere" to improve human life. 


Our goal is to provide effective solutions designed to wirelessly connect your voice, data and video systems, be it small or a large organization.

Our success is based on our profound knowledge, good industrial relationships and understanding of customer's needs. 

Contact us today to find out more! 


We have worked with a variety of businesses varying from telco to enterprise to consumer. Although our clients have ranged in size to large corporations, our niche is making wireless communication works to benefit lifestyle. Let's start communicating everywhere and anywhere ...


Find us at CommunicAsia 2015 @ Singapore Marina Bay Sands @ BC5-01

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